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Grow & Protect Your Portfolio with Intelligent Investment Models from SQR. SAVE Time & Money, while Increasing your Performance!

SPARTAN Performance Table 11/30/17

Intelligent Investment Models combine the power of index investing with a proprietary Trend Rotation System (TRS). Our models dynamically adjust to market risk, to Grow & Protect portfolios, for both individuals and professionals.

“…Intelligent Investment Models are the FUTURE for every investor…the tools I DREAMED about, as a Financial Adviser, when I was managing money for clients worldwide. Every investor – individual and professional – should be implementing Intelligent Investment Models to Grow & Protect their portfolio…” Andrew Paquin Founder SQR

Model updates are delivered MONTHLY, giving subscribers access to cutting edge strategies at a fraction of the cost…SAVING THOUSANDS on investment expenses over a lifetime of investing!

Intelligent Investment Models:
Smarter Investing 

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