Bear Market Ahead?

Did you know that from 2000 – 2016 the average annual return for the S&P 500  was 4.11%? Stunning right! Why? Because two of the largest bear markets in the last 86 years took place over the past 16.

We can all agree that bear markets are hated, hard, and harmful, and we contend that they do more damage to wealth creation than taxes and fees ever will. Bear markets are the heavy hand – the knock out blow, taxes and fees are just the admission price for investing.

See: S&P 500 Bear Market Performance of the Last 86 Years

Don’t be so focused on the cost of doing business, that you miss planning and positioning your portfolio for the big right hook.  Do you have a plan for Bear markets?
3d blue background with stock diagram

At SQR, we provide Intelligent Investment Models that provide investors with a more dynamic and adaptable investment process that saves both time and money – while increasing returns. Intelligent Investment Models simplify investing while addressing the primary struggles of portfolio management – position, profit, and preservation of capital.

Each model is rule based, process driven and grounded in a trend following philosophy designed to position portfolios for profit in Bull markets, and survival in Bear markets.

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