How it Works

How it works

  1. Subscribe to our model and you will be notified immediately of the current model signals and allocations.
  2. Follow along by adjusting your account to match our allocations and selected ETFs.
  3. Subscribers will be notified, monthly, of changes to the model.
  4. Updates will be delivered, by email,  after the close of the market on the last trading day each month.  
  5. Subscribers should adjust their portfolio(s) to reflect the current model signals, allocations and holdings.
  6. Each subscription auto bills each month or year, depending on your subscription and will continue to bill until SQR is notified of your cancellation. Each subscriber will be bound by our terms of use.

Monthly Notification

At the close of the last trading day of each month, but before the open of the first trading day of the new month, SQR will distribute, to subscribers, by email, model updates. Subscribers will receive only those updates which pertain to the models they have subscribed, as long as their subscription remains active.

Subscribers should adjust their portfolio(s) to reflect the current model signals and allocations.


SQR will email subscribers of our newsletter, and models information regarding new products and service offerings, updates, changes, and important SQR news, research, or recent posts.


SQR does not provide market commentary.  Our services exists to provide Smart Indexing strategies which are free of opinion, bias, and emotion.

Performance Illustrations

All performance data and illustrations are provided on a simulated basis. Each model monitors a basket of indexes by way of an ETF proxy. Performance includes the investment expense of the underlying proxy ETF, but does not include trading commissions or adviser fees. Performance is calculated based on the closing price of the underlying proxy ETF at the close of the month. Individual performance will vary based on time trade, execution, or the ETF, Index Funds, or mutual funds you choose to utilize in executing the SQR models.

Privacy & Information

SQR does not or will not sell any of our subscribers information as we take our clients privacy very seriously.

For Illustrative Purposes Only! Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results!