SQR was founded by former investment adviser and VP of Investing, Andrew T. Paquin (professional Bio).  Our mission is to position investors to achieve the best investment outcomes by providing Intelligent Investment Models & strategies anchored in research. 

With a career spanning two decades, covering the boom and bust of the dot com era, as-well-as the GFC of 2008, Andrew experienced first hand how the traditional approach to portfolio management – Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the Efficient Market Theory (EMT) – failed individuals and professionals.

It was through those painful periods and experiences, as a professional adviser, that set Andrew on a path, over 10 years ago, to research and uncover a more dynamic and adaptive investment approach. A timeless process that would allow investors to feel more confident in their investment future, and achieve their long term goals in spite of any political or economic conditions.

Andrew is proud to offer Intelligent Investment Models with active risk management, designed to help investors grow and protect their portfolios through a more dynamic and adaptive investment process.  

SQR’s work has been Heavily influenced by the classic works of Jesse Livermore and Nicolas Darvas, as-well-as the contemporary trend following works of Michael Covel, Dorsey Wright, and numerous academic studies; SQR believes investors are best served by adopting a practice of regularly adapting to market risks and trends in order to grow and preserve capital in both bull and bear cycles.

source: Arrow Funds (trend following & trend adaptation)

SQR approachs the markets from the belief that MPT & EMT will fail individuals and professionals again – destroying trillions more in wealth. It is for this reason, SQR practices a trend following discipline – which has been academically proven and documented – adhering to its primary tenets:

  1. What market do you buy or sell at any time?
  2. How much of a market do you buy or sell?
  3. When do you enter a market?
  4. When do you get out of a losing position?
  5. When do you get out of a winning position?

Intelligent Investment Models are index focused, rule based, and systematic – removing the negative impact of opinion, bias, and emotion from the investment process. We are confident that we offer Intelligent Models that compliment traditional portfolio management to help you achieve the best investment outcomes!

If you are an individual or investment professional seeking a more dynamic or adaptive investment process – then contact SQR or subscribe today. Our models and strategies can be implemented within: individual accounts, IRAs, model portfolios, asset allocations, SMA’s, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, endowments, or insurance companies.