Smart Indexing

Smart Indexing implements SQR’s proprietary Trend Rotation System (TRS) – which is grounded in momentum / trend following research. The TRS adheres to a systematic, rule based process, which includes intelligent risk management, designed to remove opinion, bias, and emotion from the investment process. We are confident that our process driven approach can position you to achieve market beating performance trading less than 30 minutes per month. 

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Smart Indexing models are designed to adapt to markets – seeking growth of capital in bull cycles and preservation of capital in bear cycles. 

We rigorously test our strategies over various market conditions, and are proud to offer individuals and professionals access to  Smart Indexing models, built on research, and designed to help investors drive the best investment outcomes.

Signals, from our models, are delivered on a subscription basis allowing investors to have access to professional grade strategies at a fraction of the cost. SAVING THOUSANDS on investment expenses over a lifetime of investing!

SPARTAN Model Total Return vs. Buy & Hold

Smart Indexing provides subscribers with the benefits of index investing – low cost, choice, diversification, liquidity and even commission free options – while providing signals from our Trend Rotation System to adapt to market changes.

Each Smart Indexing emphasizes low cost ETFs, but can be implemented with Index Funds or mutual funds as the underlying investment vehicle (returns may vary). Models can be implemented within retirement accounts, 401k plans, and individual accounts. Professionally, our models can be implemented within mutual funds, SMA’s, pension funds, endowments, and insurance portfolios.

Smart Indexing is available to both professional and individual investors – providing an active alternative for your portfolio.