SPARTAN Returns 11.30.2017

For Illustrative Purposes Only.  Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results.

SPARTAN Objective:

SPARTAN is a complete diversified portfolio solution representing  three SQR strategies in one Intelligent Model – FOCUS, GLOBAL Growth & Value. The goal is long-term capital appreciation by helping investors participate fully in the growth the global markets can offer via index ETFs.  SPARTAN seeks to profit from rising markets while preserving capital in down markets with aggressive allocations to bonds or cash. SQR employs a proprietary Trend Rotation System (TRS), with active risk management, to adapt to changes in the market and adjust SPARTAN  – providing investors with an Intelligent Investing Model.


Markets Tracked & Traded:

Risk Profile:

  • Moderately Aggressive

Number of ETFs Held:

  • 1 – 3

Number of Changes per Year

  • 6-8

Subscribers Updated:

  • Monthly