SQR 500

For Illustrative Purposes Only.  Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Future Results.

SQR 500 Returns 11.30.2017

SQR 500 Objective:

Long-term capital appreciation. Objective is to help investors participate fully in the growth of the US stock market as an alternative tactical play vs. a straight investment into an S&P 500 index fund or ETF. SQR 500 model allocates aggressively to US equities, via large, liquid, and diversified ETFs, while seeking to protect and preserve capital in market down turns with aggressive allocations to bonds or cash. SQR employs a proprietary Trend Rotation System (TRS), with embedded risk management, to adapt to changes in market and re-balance SQR 500 – providing professionals with an Intelligent Investment Model.

Markets Tracked & Traded:

Risk Profile:

  • Moderately Aggressive

Number of ETFs Held:

  • 0 – 1

Changes per Year:

  • 1-2


  • Monthly